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Cheap Printing - Your Privacy Is Guaranteed Safe With Us
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Online Printing Services

Commonly Known As Color Brochures

The Online Printing Services as A Promotion Tool

Using the Online Printing Services as a promotion tool to increase your business is a very good idea and not too difficult a task to implement. It has impressive returns on investment. The process of printing utilized in the production of the Online Printing Services are simple, and easy to understand. The most common process of the production of the Online Printing Services is a process commonly called "Process Printing" or "Color Printing" but the technical term of the production used is generally "Offset Printing". The same process is also known as "Litho Printing" or "Lithographic Printing" or even shortened to "Ligthography" or just "Litho".

An Inexpensive Online Printing Services

The printing of the Online Printing Services in the modern age with the advent of computers, the electronic assembly of design and the quality of designs have increased several thousand percent. The ease of using digital design and the affordability of using 4 Colors in printing has become very inexpensive and very affordable, and with the experts in design that cater to industry specific design, cheap enough design and layout in 4 Color is very readily affordable.

An Easy Design Concept Capacities

The ease of the introduction of 4 Color in Online Printing Servicess has dramatically increased with the computerization and software enhancement over the last 20 years. What took skilled and trained craftsmen hours to produce in the typesetting rooms, art studios, color separations, etching sinks and color retouch stations can now be done with the ease of an untrained computer operator in a matter of seconds. The room-full of equipment that enabled the manufacturing of quality in print has shrunk down to the central processor unit of a computer, be it a Personal Computer (PC) or a Macintosh Computer.

Promotion & Marketing Using The New Wave Technology

With the ease of introducing 4 Color in Online Printing Servicess with computer controlled software, the old age mechanical artwork where specifically trained graphic designers, and layout artists had to spend hours introducing color to printing have now been reduced to a mouse click on industry wide available page assembly software like Quark Express, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc.,

The Simplifcation of Color in Online Printing Services

This simplification of introduction of 4 Colors to printed items has meant that single color printed jobs have virtually disappeared, and where boring black and white forms, propaganda and information material existed, not there are images that can be seen in two color, and even four color as the cost to introduce the color in design stage has drastically reduced or almost disappeared. This simplification of the production of the Online Printing Services can now be utilized to benefit the promotion and marketing of every company.

Enhanced Technology in Printing Online Printing Services

As technology in printing has enhanced the manufacturing of the Online Printing Services , economies of scale, enlargements of capacities, fine tuning of efficiencies, growth of turnover without increase in infrastructure, reduction of turnaround times, the lowering of prices for the Online Printing Services have occurred. Through the innovations of technology, computerization, specialization in niche markets, increase of speed of operation of equipment and the lowering of waste have contributed to the reduction of costs of printing down substantially.

Cheap Pricing on Online Printing Services Printing

The price of Online Printing Services printing has dropped by over 40% over the last two decades, and what used to sell for over $400, now costs under $250, and when we look as specialization of specific niche areas, the reduction of the cost over the period has been over 50%. This is not to say that the printers were gouging the print purchaser, but that the advent of modern technology has created an increase of efficiencies, speed and output using less manpower, and less tenant giving the innovative printer that has followed the technology trail the benefit of producing high quality images that can be offered at cheap pricing for the Online Printing Services printing..

Lower Skill Level Thru Automation

Talent requirement in the printing industry has dropped drastically, and where journeyman certification requirement of 5 years and more was a basic necessity, we live in an age where the technology moves faster than the time to train the worker, and an expert in his/her field becomes a no-body in am matter of 6 months if the technology was not followed up and adopted. The speed of the technology enhancement is well beyond the means of an employee or entrepreneur to keep training for.

Ease Of Use

As the resources of training requirement has dwindled down, the friendliness of the software and the hardware in computers have become very easy to use, and is designed to be self-teaching and predictive interfaces that are almost human in their behavior to the user through interfaces and add-on enhancements.

A Medium of Advertising

The use of Online Printing Services in the marketplace has been to advertise the services, resources, goods and specifications of the business world. Advertising through the printed Online Printing Services has been the normal process of mass broadcasting of any company�s goods and services. The Online Printing Services can be in any size, shape and folding process, but the most common, and by far the better choice in the marketplace is the letter size or 8.5 x 11� Online Printing Services, normally printed one side or two.

Common Online Printing Services Sizes

When printed one side the Online Printing Services is normally folded in three (tri-fold) in an accordion format so that the printing is visible on both sides of the folded brochure, but when opened flat the printing is only on the face, and not the back side of the sheet.

Common Online Printing Services Types

When printed two sides, the Online Printing Services is normally folded as tri-fold or as a gate or roll fold where the three panels of the long edge of the sheet are divided into three and the left and right panels are folded up to meet the middle panel. This is the preferred folding pattern as both sides of the printed Online Printing Services are visible to the reader, and therefore the likeliness of missing the information on the flip side is not normal.

Common Folding Patterns for Online Printing Services

Other folding utilized on the most common letter size brochure are half fold where the long edge of the sheet is divided into two panels. This form is utilized for both the one and two sided brochure. There are several other formats that are used in the letter size brochure but are not as common.

Using Size to Be a Unique Online Printing Services

Utilization of size to enhance the reader�s attention is very readily used in the advertising world, with unique and intriguing folding patterns that woes the reader into playing with the brochure, thereby subconsciously reading and registering the contents of the advertising Online Printing Services.

Its OK To Be Odd

When an odd size brochure is utilized to promote a campaign, the intent of the designer or advertising agency is to have the piece fall away from all normal expectations of the reader � the target of the campaign.

A Deviation From The Norm

The odd size utilization may be on a small size or a large size, and being odd whether small or large, the larger ones tend to stick out of a pile of advertising materials, or if too small fall out of a pile of advertising materials.

Use Of The Oragami Principal

The art of origami (Japanese art of folding paper) cannot be replicated in the manufacturing and finishing of the Online Printing Servicess unfortunately as the intricacies utilized in the folding of the pieces of art created using this age old ancient are from Japan can not be replicated for mass production of the printed brochure.

Using Imagination to Creat the Online Printing Services

If at all possible, then the intrigue and interest of the reader will be tickled to a point that the reader will not only be fascinated to view this in another reader�s hands, but will be itching to handle the piece him/her self.

Subliminal Intravention

Further once this piece is in their hands, the urge of holding on to the piece, to show it to their friends, family and young ones is prime on their minds. This creates a multiple target piece, when the best advertising campains hope to have one in ten people that handle a campaign piece, pay attention to it.

The Dream Online Printing Services

This really is the advertiser�s dream � to have mileage from a piece of advertising. The target audience looks repeated at the advertisement and gets attached to the medium of the advertising thereby opening their sub-conscious to the addressability of the advertiser�s message.

Breaking The Mould !

The choice of paper, size, and folding are of each of their individual unique importance in creating the ultimate Online Printing Services. It is very often good to fall away from the norm, and being unique is the way to gain notice. Careful, though that the uniquness is not repetetive, otherwise it will gain the status of normality!!

Increasing your sales from marketing campaigns needs a well-designed Online Printing Services. A Online Printing Services is also referred to by other names such as a four color brochure, a four over four brochure, or a four colour process brochure, or simply a 4/4 printed brochure. A high quality Online Printing Services will deliver the perfect message on your campaign every time. Handing out a Online Printing Services in place of a business card carries a lot more information and promotes your company at a very cheap cost in printing the Online Printing Services. A Online Printing Services could also replace a full color postcard or as the above suggestes a full color business card.

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